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    Especially for you by Granny D in Scotland went live on the world wide web on 5th march 2013.

    All Granny D wanted to do was get her handmade goodies up on a web site so that others could buy from all over the U.K. and possibly the world. So why not get a web-site with a shopping cart going. It is done by crafters and and small business all over the world so it couldn't be that difficult. Could it?

    Apparently yes it could.

    Granny D invested in a "web in a box" - it comes with a disc and then all you have to do is go to your various pages - drap and drop "widgets" (all these new words really!!! put a few photographs up - connect some kind of payment method and bob's your uncle. Think again.

    Firstly photographs were taken with utmost care and deliberation by Mike the next door neighbour (Thank you so much Mike) 8 hours later there were wonderful photo images of all of Granny D's work. Who mentioned that it was such a huge exercise?  And considering I only had to have just under 30 photos taken - what do bigger concerns do??

    Then upload the photos - describe - get them in the right position - set the theme - put a shopping cart into the mix and that should be just about it. No....... think again.

    Granny D went through it step by step getting a lot right and some things wrong but in the end with a bit of proof reading from Jo and technical help with the payment engine from Steve the site was up and ready to go live for 5th March.

    Granny D started telling facebookers that she was on the www and everyone came to the party sharing the news - even ex shool friends from across the ocean came up trumps - family spread the word and her neice in London spread the news over twitter. It was all a flurry of action the whole day - the guest book on the site got filled in by supportive friends. Her daugher wrote in her blog for her grandson that morning that he had been Granny's inspiration - using Granny D's strap line "Especially for you". As Granny closed up the laptop for the night the admin section showed her that she had had 179 visitors to her web-site that day.


    So Granny D in Scotland is part of a viral world that will take her on a journey that she has no map book for right now. How exciting is that!! Granny D has no great expectations from this and who knows where this will all end up..

    Follow Granny D on her journey ........


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