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  • A very Happy Mother's Day to all in the U.K. - Granny D must specify that because in South Africa and Italy - where her children live - Mother's day is not until May.

    So how confusing is that for Granny D? It's not too bad really - it is all about the rules. 

    Granny D's Rules for Mother's Day in U.K.

    The only people that are allowed to know it is Mother's Day in the U.K. are the people in the U.K. - simple?

    Steven manages to get the 3 dogs to put their paw prints on a home made card and usually delivers that and a cup of tea and toast in bed on Mother's Day in the U.K. but sometimes Granny D is up and serving guests, so that gets put on hold until later in the day.

    Granny D goes about wishing all those in the U.K. who are Mothers and then gets on with her day. She does not       a) expect any wishes from her children                             or b) really celebrate being a Mother,   until the one in South Africa and Italy come up. 

    It is far too confusing for the children that have no indication from the shop merchandising that it is Mother's day until closer to May. So to save everyone the heartache of forgetting - it is just not done.

    Mother's Day in South Africa and Italy.

    This happens in May and usually it is the second Sunday of the month - so after many years the children have got used to remembering where it fits in the calendar - it is also close to Granny D's birthday so that is even better for remembering.

    Granny D is quite specific about what should happen on Mother's day. First of all - children are encouraged to make their own cards (so if they only remember last minute they can always find a bit of paper and do one) and any flowers should be out of a garden - theirs or anyone who is willing to allow them to pick. For the day Granny D is waited on in the way she wants - if she wants a cup of tea or coffee - someone gets it for her - this goes for food and anything else she may want to do.

    Sometime the best things in life are free and by keeping to these rules everyone is happy - there is no actual expense except time and time is a precious enough comodity.

    So there you have it everyone - Mother's Day is special for Moms and children world wide but there should be rules so that it is not exhaustive financially or emotionally.

    Have a happy Mother's day whereever you are - I hope you have all the time you wish for with your children.....

    Granny D with love..

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