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        6th April 1963 to 6th April 2013


    While everyone around the world was preparing for Easter – dreaming about chocolate induced comas – celebrating Christ’s rise from the dead or new birth in general, Granny D was busy sewing the last of 6 pot pourri bags in her ducks and chicks fabric with dotty ribbons, filled with sweet smelling dried rosebuds and finishing off the tags she needed for each one.(As in picture)

    Steven’s parents – Vernon and Norma – were due to be coming for a visit. This is quite a normal occurrence, they often come to visit and spend a few days with us and this time they would be joined by Steven’s sister Joanne Bell and family. One thing would make this occasion different though, it was also their 50 wedding anniversary, and we had a few surprises up our sleeve.But first they had a surprise for us!! They decided that they would come a few days early – help!!! I am not finished my things yet!!!! Normally this is not a problem and we take it on our chin but this time both Granny D and Steve were scurrying to change plans and keep the big reveal on course.

    Steve had to make an excuse to leave the house for 2 hours on the Sunday – (which would not have been an issue if they had stuck to their plans). Vernon and Norma had an idea that perhaps Karen from South Africa was being collected from the airport, so you can imagine how big their surprise was when they found that Steven had in fact collected Vernon’s sister Ann and brother in law, Keith from London and his other sister Lesley, from South Africa and were now standing in our lounge when Steven got back from this mysterious meeting. Tears of joy flowed and excitement was in the air. They really did not expect this. Later that afternoon the Bell family arrived with Karen on board, once again tears of joy and a cacophony of voices sharing stories filled the guest house.

    It had been snowing and the air was cold but the sun shone and twinkled off the ground almost like it was also putting on a show for the occasion. The following night was the main event although it was not the exact date – it was the only chance that everyone would be here – having to get back to work for most of them.

    We had a gift ceremony in the dinning room with a glass of bubbly to start the evening and special mention was made of two of the sisters, Jenny and her family in New Zealand and Debbie and her family in South Africa, who could not be with us. Vernon and Norma got spoilt by all but the tears flowed freely when they were presented with a memory photo book showing their 50 years together in pictures.

    We all had dinner at the Clockhouse restaurant in town – the table had been decorated by Jo and Karen and looked fabulous – (and since you ask I did finish the potpourri bags for each lady so those were there as well). Dessert must get a special mention because it was a cake made and iced by Joanne – not only tasting great but looking like a professional had done it.

    Sadly Ann, Keith and Les left on Tuesday and Karen on Friday leaving the Bells and us to spend the 6th with Vernon and Norma. Under normal circumstances there would be nothing we could have added to such a lovely week of surprises but there was one more trick up our sleeve. One of the local business men run a wildlife tour and 8 of us bundled into his land rover to have a tour of the Glenlivet Estate – seeing the spectacular scenery and learning about how the ice age had formed what we have today, seeing various bird life – pheasants and rabbits and hares until driving to one of the highest parts of the estate where it began to snow. Driving through the snow which was thick was incredible and the final 300 metres on foot made special by new falling snow on our shoulders.


    Happy Anniversary Vernon and Norma Sacks…

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    Carole and Geoff Created on 08/04/2013 23:04

    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all...you are amazing Dinny I don't know how you fit it all in a day...well done. And Happy Anniversary to Vernon and Norma. Xx

    Ann Created on 09/04/2013 07:54

    a wonderful time was had by all and special mention to the special couple, Norma and Vernon, hearty congratulations on reaching 50 yrs of married life, a real feat!  with love from Ann and Keith xxx

    l raubenheimer Created on 09/04/2013 15:05

    It was very special for me to be part of this time!  what an achievement - 50 years of marriage - well done and congratulations to you both.  What a joy too going back up memory lane.  Here's to many more happy healthy years together - Les xx
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