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  • As you all know - my grandson Hunter J is the inspiration for all Granny D's goodies. 

    Another small milestone happened in his life this week - he began play school for the first time. My daughter has spent many hours exploring various options for him as this is quite a big step in a child's life. It had to be within walking distance from the house - so that Gogo - his nanny could get him to and from easily as Carrie is a working Mom - but more so was the question of how do they look after the children?? Many of them were pleased to show her how the kids learnt this and that - some of them even said that the children are put to bed for about 2 hours a day - so in short this descision was not made lightly.

    She found a lovely place up the road from her new house. The lady in charge is a mature lady who only has 12 children under the age of 3 and her aim for the children is play. She said to Carrie that children at that age will learn more by interacting with others and since it is only 4 hours a day for 3 days a week - Carrie felt she had found the right place for Hunter J.

    He began on Tuesday and he got togged up to the nines with hat dummy and blankie and off he went. A devastated Carrie left 5 minutes after getting there....why you may ask?? Hunter J ran in and without a second glance began playing with the other children. There were no tears from him..no tugging at her skirt ... not even a goodbye. My daughters role as a Mother for that moment it would seem was not applicable.

    Here is a photo of him winking at the camera before he left for school.

    This brings new ideas of things that I will be adding to my shop - so keep looking and see if you can find it - all I can tell you at the moment is it will be ready by November....

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